Manufacturers of high quality press tools, assembly jigs, fixings and checking fixtures.  Our machining processes use the latest spark erosion, wire erosion, CNC machines and EDM machines. Servicing clients from London, Buckinghamshire, West Midlands and across the UK.

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Spark Erosion

Wire Erosion.

Newport Toolmakers are specialists in the technique of Wire Erosion, which enables us to manufacture extremely detailed and precision tools.

Wire EDM machining, Wire Erosion or Wire Eroding requires a constant replacement of the wire by feeding from a spool.

The concept of wire erosion has to do with the gradual breakdown of the wire during the cutting process. Wires that are carrying an electrical charge are used as the medium to cut through such metal and other hard substances during the manufacturing process. As the wires are used to cut through substances, they begin to wear down and eventually have to be replaced. This wire eroder effect ensures that during the course of a project, more charged wires will be required in order to continue the hole burning and wire cutting.