Supplying quality press tools to the metal component industry. Die cast tools, pierce and blank tools, form tools, progression and compound tools. Newport Toolmakers service to an extensive range of manufacturers from London, Buckinghamshire, through West Midlands and nationwide.

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Tools Refurbished!
We refurbish tools. This service can offer significant savings over the long term...
Newport Toolmakers



Our extensive plant list includes:

Full Cad Cam Systems for design and manufacture to assist
2 off Mitsubishi CX20 CNC 5 Axis Wire Machines cutting area, X500, Y350, Z300
1 off Mitsubishi QA10 CNC 5 Axis Wire Machine with fine surface finish

Spark Erosion

1 off Elox Spark Eroder
1 off Kingspark EDM Fast Hole Drill

Milling Machines

1 off VMC 300 Machining Centre, Table Size 810 510 600
2 off Bridgeport BR2J2 with DRO
1 off Parkson 2NP Universal Mill
1 off Kearney & Trecker Vertical Mill


1 off Jones & Shipman 1400
3 off Jones & Shipman 540P
1 off Baronmax 800 x 400 x 400
1 off Ribon 500 Universal Grinder
1 off Hauser 3SM Jig Grinder
1 off Jones & Shipman 540PL

Drilling Machines

1 off Kitchen & Walker 6 ft Radial Drill
1 off Archdale 3ft 6 Radial Drill
1 off Fobco 7/8 Pillar Drill


1 off Colchester Mascot


1 off Bentley 80 ton Press with Air Cushion
1 off Norton Fly Press No. 6


1 off Start Rite Horizontal Band Saw

Lifting Gear

1 off Gantry Lifting Capacity 2 Ton
1 off Fork Lift Truck, Lifting Capacity 1.8 Ton

1 off Shadow Graph Optical Project, Nicon V12A